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December 27, 2019

How to Find (and play) Videos Removed from YouTube

How to Find (and play) Videos Removed from YouTube

Approximately 2 months ago, a colleague & fan of Petey Vid mentioned to us they were able to locate a video they created in high school (quite some time ago) on the Internet Archive (Wayback Machine) as a playable YouTube video.

Though we were aware that the Internet Archive did indeed save archived copies of websites, audio, video and other content this realization from our colleague got us thinking... what about videos removed or deleted from video platforms in some cases MANY years ago...

It was at this point we decided to look into the ability for Petey Vid to.. believe this.. search for & find videos removed & deleted from YouTube on the Internet Archive.

Using some creative means, we were able to catalog all the YouTube video IDs on the Internet Archive  (approximately 206 million between 2012 and 2019) and then figure out which were no longer in existence on YouTube. Our figures indicate (from this set) approximately 25 million videos have either been removed or deleted from YouTube between 2013 and 2018.

We have started to migrate these video listings into Petey Vid so that users can get these links available to them with normal queries, and have about 50,000 videos already processed and available.

Additionally, we have created a new search syntax as well to get straight to these type of results. When searching in Petey Vid, simply add +ytarchived to your search and it will limit results only to videos removed from YouTube.

For example, we did a search here for : documentary +ytarchived

You can see that the links are from the Internet Archive and were archived from

In this example we see a video playable from a 2013 posting on YouTube captured from the Wayback Machine (Internet Archive) :

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