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June 1, 2019

Hello World... Introducing Petey Vid

Does the world really need another video search engine... We think YES!

Hello World... Introducing Petey Vid

Does the world really need another video search engine?
We think YES!


Although we like YouTube, the worlds biggest video platform, we also believe there is life beyond it. When researching we found that many video providers still existed, but were not so easy to find content from using Google and other search engines...

We spoke with dozens of people, both Internet savvy and not, and asked them how they search for videos. They all 100% across the board said they just go directly to YouTube, as Google and all other major search engines gave them predominantly Youtube results. Interesting...

Learning this, we decided to do the counter intuitive and go against the grain to simply provide variety and options. So was born the idea for Petey Vid, with the goal to bring a variety of content regardless of the source.

We also decided the make Petey Vid privacy conscious, we do not track user searches or IP, making searches both anonymous and safe.

In seeking to improve our engine, we looked to see what other search engines have done well and not so well.  These inspired features include switchable grid view / list view, duration filtering for content over 45+min (feature length) as well as other duration filtering options, and sorting so you can sort by newest, oldest, play duration etc.

Proof of concept was completed in about 4 weeks, but we still didn't have a name...

Wow!, super difficult... Finding the right mix of fun and accessible, nothing too technical proved trying. The few we liked were already claimed by domain squatters. When taking a break in frustration the head coder's cat, Petey, came to sooth (and ask for treats). It then seemed the perfect name, we are all cat lovers, and Petey is a handsome guy with a great personality. Therein our ginger mascot was chosen and Petey Vid was branded.

The system continued to amass more and more data from more sources, and we realized the abundance of hashtags and mentions across multiple platforms.  Why not make use of them in the search experience?  We decided to create a section of the site where you can view the trending (hot) hashtags and mentions across all platforms and find the newest video content by clicking on hashtags from this page.

We hope you enjoy using Petey Vid as it contains over 200+ million videos from over 40 platforms. We continue to add new features and improvements, so stay tuned on what is new here!

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